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From Rogue To Royalty

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

The S.C.A.R. Swim has been quickly transformed from an offline rogue swim by a passionate soloist to a 5-day celebration by the crème de la crème on the international marathon swimming scene.

When Kent Nicholas‘s new website went online, the beauty and uniqueness of the 66.9 km (41.7-mile) stage swim are as evident as the stark ruggedness of the Arizona desert course.

The new visually impactful website is here (

Within the first 36 hours [of the online registration], the event was sold out“, explained Nicholas. “Within 48 hours, I had a wait list of 27 very qualified open water swimmers. I’m seeing swimmers from new locations like Scotland, Japan, Iowa, Nebraska, Hawaii and Georgia taking an interest in S.C.A.R. It’s going to be a great series of swims in May 6th-9th 2015.”

The series kicks off with the Saguaro Lake stage, a 9.5-mile (15.2 km) swim at 1,529-feet (466m) elevation, on May 6th. The Canyon Lake 9-mile (14.4 km) stage swim is done at 1,660 feet (505m) altitude and follows on May 7th. The Apache Lake is a 17-mile (27.3 km) stage swim held on May 8th in a beautifully isolated reservoir and the Roosevelt Lake 10 km night swim culminates the event under the stars and moon at the Roosevelt Dam.

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