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Five Fast Freestylers Cross Monterey Bay

Courtesy of Nick Wooler, Monterey Bay, California.

Frank Reynolds of Tustin, California left a legacy in business, philanthropy and aquatics that is hard to match. His children and his grandchildren have long been successful on the national level in pool swimming, water polo and open water swimming.

Two of his grandchildren Frank Reynolds Jr. and Paul Reynolds joined Thomas Dietrich, Joe Schertler, Michael Scharf, and coach/captain Peter Albers to cross the 24 miles of Monterey Bay between Capitola and Lovers Beach in Pacific Grove in 10 hours 20 minutes, among all kinds of marine life including hundreds of dolphins in the 58°F water.

There have been several college and masters swimmer relays across the Monterey Bay under the supervision of college coach Kim Musch (with the University of California Santa Cruz) and masters coach Joel Wilson (with the Santa Cruz Masters Swim Club), but this relay is believed to have set the fastest record and the first to be observed and sanctioned by the Monterey Bay Swimming Association.

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