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Ferry Weertman Outsprints Brian Ryckeman In Grand Prix

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Ferry Weertman defended his title at the FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix race in Cozumel, Mexico this weekend in a very close race over Belgium’s Bryan Ryckeman.

The final results of the men’s race:

1. Ferry Weertman (NED) 2:48:23
2. Brian Ryckeman (BEL) 2:48:36
3. Simone Ercoli (ITA) 2:49:49
4. Marcel Schouten (NED) 2:50:18
5. Bertrand Venturi (ITA) 2:53:24
6. Evgeni Pop-Acev (MKD) 2:53:27
7. Vitally Khudyakov (KAZ) 2:53:51
8. Matheus Evangelista (BRA) 2:54:05
9. Davy Billian (BEL) 2:55:18
10. Eduardo Stochino (ITA) 2:55:39
11. Wesley Joris (BEL) 2:55:42
12. Alexander Studzinski (GER) 2:56:05
13. Samir Barel (BRA) 3:06:50
14. Aquiles Balaudo (ARG) 3:03:34
15. Tsvetan Yordanov (BUL) 3:11:58
16. Fausto Brondo (ARG) 3:25:27
17. Nicolas Segurado (ARG) 3:25:43
DNF Mario Sanzullo (ITA)
DNF Valerio Cleri (ITA)
DNF Davide Cannata (ITA)
DNS Guillermo Bertola (ARG)
OTL Mauricio Gatica (ARG)

Photo shows Brian Ryckeman (left with daughter), Ferry Weertman (middle), and Simone Ercoli (right).

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