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Ferry Fine-tunes A Fast Finish

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Ferry Weertman gave his chief Olympic rivals from the USA (Jordan Wilimovsky and Sean Ryan), Tunisia (Ous Mellouli) and the rest of the non-European world (e.g., Jarrod Poort and Chad Ho) a hint at what they will face in Copacabana Beach: a furiously fast-charging Dutchman.

Weertman won the 2016 European Open Water Championships 10 km marathon swim in his native Netherlands. It was his second European Open Water 10 km title, last won in 2014.

Top 16 Results:
1. Ferry Weertman* (NED) 1:155:20.6

2. Jack Burnell* (GBR) 1:55:21.2

3. Marc-Antoine Daniel Frede Olivier* (FRA) 1:55:21.6

4. Federico Vanelli* (ITA) 1:55:24.3
5. Spyridon Gianniotis* (GRE) 1:55:25.0

6. Caleb Hughes (GBR) 1:55:25.0

7. Simone Ruffini* (ITA) 1:55:25.4

8. Anton Evsikov (RUS) 1:55:25.8
9. Marcel Schouten (NED) 1:55:25.8

10. Mark Papp* (HUN) 1:55:27.3

11. Matteo Furlan (ITA) 1:55:27.5

12. Rob Muffels (GER) 1:55:28.3
13. Daiel Dzekelyi (HUN) 1:55:28.6

14. Kirill Abrosimov (RUS) 1:55:29.6

15. Sergey Bolshakov (RUS) 1:55:29.7

16. Pepijn Smits (NED) 1:55:29.8

* 2016 Olympic 10K Marathon Swim finalist

Follow Feery Weertman at @VeryFerryFast.

The 5 km races are on July 12th, the team 5 km races are on July 13th, and the 25 km races are on July 14th.

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