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Endless Possibilities In The Water

Courtesy of Matthew Moy, Endless Pools.

Ocean swimmer Lexie Kelly appeared in the latest Endless Pools advertisement.

Endless Pools are extremely useful, compact, free-standing pools with swim current generators that enable swimming in place. The pools can be used year-round and in locations (e.g., homes and training centers) where a normal size swimming pools may not be practical.

The Endless Pools come in variable sizes and depths with retractable security covers, hydrotherapy jets, underwater lights, and running treadmills.

In addition to being able to enable acclimatization for open water swimmers by decreasing or increasing the water temperature to mimic cold-water and warm-water environments, open water swimmers can also practice different aspects of their sport:

* swimming in close proximity to another swimmer
* drafting
* positioning
* night swimming
* feeding

Articles on how open water swimmers can train in an Endless Pool include:

* Katie Benoit: full-time employee juggling life’s responsibilities and cold-water acclimatization
* Scott Richards: training for a channel swim
* Virtual Swim Simulator (swimming calculator)
* Wade Turner: swimming far away from an ocean

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