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Eli Ball Flies Across The Rottnest Channel

Courtesy of Eli Bryon, Cottesloe Beach, Australia.

Eli Ball is a barrister and an Australian open water swimmer who completed history’s second butterfly crossing* of the 19.7 km Rottnest Channel in Western Australia in 7 hours 20 minutes 29 seconds.

The butterfly specialist is a Rotto Everyday Hero who supported the Leukaemia Foundation during this year’s Rottnest Channel Swim. To support his fund-raising efforts, visit here.

Fellow Australian Philip Martin was the previous record holder.

Martin completed the first Butterfly Rotto at the 2001 Rottnest Channel Swim when he swam at a pace of 1.25 mph (2.02 kph) over the 12.24-mile course in 9 hours 45 minutes 1 second.

Ball has accomplished a number of butterfly ocean swims. He once completed the 10 km Vladswim Challenge Swim in Sydney, Australia in 2015 finishing in 3 hours 47 minutes 59 seconds. Two years before, he did the same butterfly swim, finishing in 3 hours 47 minutes 39 seconds – 20 seconds faster along the Balmoral Beach course.

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