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Dukan’s Dolphin In Kurdistan

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

We posted an article on a swimmer, Alireza Jaff – Shwan known as Dukan’s Dolphin who has captured local media attention.

This was his sister’s response to A Youthful Calm Amid The Storm:

I am Alireza’s oldest sister. We are from Kurdistan and unfortunately the facilities of swimming aren’t much here the only person that discovered and nurtured his talents is my father and has been his only coach from the start. Now he swims four types of swimming and swims for several kilometers in open water and also free dives.

We searched and found that no one has done that record in his age where he was only 9 then and swam for 75 meter with one breath. I am sure if he was abroad he would have performed even better. We tried to contact some trainers abroad so they could probably supervise him from far.

We and him continually dream that he reaches professional level and becomes a champion like the big names in the swimming world. We showed him your post. It gave him high spirits and motivation to want to develop and move forward even more. On behalf of him and all our family, we would like to thank you very much for realizing his potentials as the media has an essential role in introducing young champions like Alireza to the world.”

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