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Dr. Peter Attia On The Nerd Safari

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Endurance athlete and channel swimmer Dr. Peter Attia is arguably the most influential open water swimmer who is creatively and strategically changing the American landscape of nutritional awareness in contemporary times.

Not only is Dr. Attia a very well-respected deep thinker, an engaging lecturer, a visionary evangelist, a published researcher and innovative scientific experimenter, he also writes prolifically and profoundly in a popular blog called the Nerd Safari (

To learn more about this mover and shaker with a vast plethora of scientific and medical knowledge that proves helpful to healthy living and successful swimming, visit here.

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Nerd Safari is a labor of love,” he explains. “We’re diving down the rabbit hole on particular topics — maximizing longevity, benefits and drawbacks of fasting, good and bad science, Alzheimer’s prevention, cancer screening, heart disease, sleep strategies, wearables, lipidology, to name a few — but I want to continually get smarter on these topics and it takes a team of thoughtful analysts to accomplish.”

He talks about his swims between the California Channel islands and the Southern California mainland here.

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