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Down To The Wire At The Dutch Open Water Championships

It is marathon. A long way. Nearly 2 hours of swimming. But it came down to the final strokes at the men’s Dutch Open Water Championships that were organized by OZ & PC De Warande from Oosterhout (The Netherlands) in corporation with the Royal Dutch Swimming Federation (KNZB).

It was a very crowded calendar this past weekend in the Netherlands as part of the annual Dopharma Open Water Competition. The Open Water competition of OZ & PC De Warande dates back to 1927 with 80 seasons in its history.

The most import competitions of the program were the 5K and Olympic 10K events this weekend. Similar to the tight course that will be showcased at the 2012 London Olympics, the Dutch 10K venue had a pontoon start and 6 loops. Swimmers from Scotland also pushed the Dutch on both the men’s and women’s side. Stephen Waterhouse from Scotland won in close battles in both the 5K and 10K races. Robin den Boer as was crowned the Dutch champion as the first Dutch swimmer in the 10K race.

The top five results (men):

1. Stephen Waterhouse (Scotland)

2. Robin den Boer (De Warande)

3. Marcel Schouten (ZV Haerlem)

4. Ian van der Hulst (PSV)

5. Jan-Willem van der Graaff (Het Y)

Scotland’s Ishbel Rodger won the women’s overall title with Bianca de Bruijn as the first Dutch swimmer and Dutch champion.

The top five results (women):

1. Ishbel Rodger (Scotland)

2. Megan Donnelly (Scotland)

3. Bianca de Bruijn (De Devel)

4. Camilla Hattersley (Scotland)

5. Helen McRoberts (Scotland)

The top five results in the 5K included:

1. Stephen Waterhouse (Scotland) 59.17.91

2. Marcel Schouten (ZV Haerlem) 59.20.20

3. Robin den Boer (De Warande) 59.22.84

4. Mark Deans (Scotland) 59.24.37

5. Jan-Willem van der Graaff (Het Y) 59.26.50

1. Leonie van Noort (De Zijl/LGB)

2. Esmee Vermeulen (De Dolfijn)

3. Camilla Hattersley (Scotland)

4. Ishbel Rodger (Scotland)

5. Megan Donnelly (Scotland)

The complete results can be found here.

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