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Down And Nearly Out, Glen Christiansen’s Return

Glen Christiansen nearly died three months ago. In a horrific accident where he collapsed down a flight of stairs and was in a coma, Sweden’s former Olympian is on a miraculous recovery.

Christiansen is back in the water on his first swim camp since the doctors gave him only a 30% chance to live with a significant possibility to become mentally incapacitated. But Christiansen literally willed himself back to health. After awaking from his coma, Christiansen saids, “I will get well, but I must take it step-by-step with patience. This is a challenge for me.

I am lucky. I survived due to my physical fitness and my willpower, fighting spirit – so the doctors say. As I woke up after the coma, my first thought went to my little son Noe. I knew that I MUST win this one.”

But like many things in his remarkable life, Christiansen made an incredulous recovery from paralysis on his left side and the inability to speak. His doctor remarked on his recovery, “Normally Glen would be hospitalized 6-8 months after injuries like this. We never seen anything like it“.

Shown above with swimmers in Beirut, Christiansen was characteristically optimistic, “Being here in Beirut, I met all these kids and adults who have been praying for me. They give me so much energy that I decided today to go out and swim with them in the ocean. It was a fantastic feeling and I am so happy. I need to recover and rest a lot these days. It will take time before I am as strong as before. But that is OK. After all, I am alive and swimming.”

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