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Dean Summers Completes An Unprecedented 60 Miler in Australia

64-year-old Dean Summers has a lot of Big Swim Memory throughout his prolific ocean swimming career, but he made some more memories with his unprecedented 95.66 km swim between Newcastle and Sydney in New South Wales, Australia in 31 hours 16 minutes.

Doug Hughson, president of the Australian Long Distance Swimming Federation, reported, “Australian marathon swimmer Dean Summers completed the Newcastle to Sydney swim and has set a new Australian long-distance record 95.66 km or 51.65 nautical miles. Dean has completed swims across the Cook Strait, the Strait of Gibraltar, the Ka’iwi Channel, the North Channel, the English Channel and many more. Dean also has achieved the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming and is an Australian Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame – Honouree.

On March 14th at Nobbys Beach, Newcastle at 6:20 am with some lovely water temperatures at 20°C and air at 23°C, swimming through the night average water temperature 24°C and air temperature ranging from 20°C to 31.6°C, Dean finished his swim at Palm Beach Sydney on the March 15th 1:36 pm.

Dean said , “I called the swim ‘The 60 Miler’ in recognition of the Australian merchant fleet that ran between Newcastle and Sydney with recognition to Australia’s Seafarers.

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