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Cruce Golfo Dulce In Costa Rica

Courtesy of Joe Bernini, Cruce Golfo Dulce.

Cruce Golfo Dulce is an three-race open water swimming competition held in Golfo Dulce in Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica on August 3rd and 4th 2019.

Joe Bernini, Director of Cruce Golfo Dulce, says, “The 8th edition of the Cruce Golfo Dulce will offer a 6-night standard or individually customized package is available for swimmers coming from afar.

We have a 21 km marathon swim, a 14 km marathon swim, a 5 km race and a 1.5 km race held over two days.”

Back in 2015, 20-year-old José Manuel Cullell from Costa Rica was the first person to swim 14 km across southern Costa Rica’s Golfo Dulce in 4 hours 50 minutes from Playa Nicuesa, near Piedras Blancas National Park, to Puerto Jiménez.

International swimmers can enjoy the following 6-day itinerary:

August 1st: Arrival in Costa Rica and stay overnight in San Jose Marriott Hotel
August 2nd: Take a domestic flight to Puerto Jimenez in Osa and check into Crocodile Bay Resort to attend the Opening Ceremony
August 3rd: 14 km race and 21 km race with a half-day optional tour for swimmers racing on August 4th
August 4th: 1.5 km and 5 km race day with a half-day optional tour for those participate in the 14 km and 21 km races
August 5th: Full-day activity
August 6th: Return to San Jose

Tour options include an Organic Chocolate Tour, Surfing at Matapalo Beach, Golfo Dulce whale watching, mangrove kayaking, and sports fishing.

2018 14 km Top 10 Race Results:
1. Gabriel Jimenez Schielzeth (19) 3:23:45.6

2. John Garita Zamora (32) 3:28:46.7
3. Jerry Jesus Meza Quiros (30) 3:35:24.7
4. Carlos Zayas Bazan Campos (24) 3:37:00.7
5. Oscar Monge Espana (37) 3:50:05.5
6. Marlon Villalobos Bejarano (31) 3:52:27.7
7. Stephanie Montero Alvarado (30) 3:52:35.5 [first female]
8. Stephany Campos Cartin (28) 3:57:50.7 [second female]
9. Paola Bolaros Chaves (23) 4:03:24.8 [third female]
10. Alex Solis Quiro (27) 4:06:09.5

2018 21 km Top 10 Race Results:
1. Cristofer Lanuza Segura (21) 5:12:43.7
2. Lucero Duarte Mena (26) 5:18:12.8 [first female]
3. Rocio Mora Rodriguez (44) 5:20:43.7 [second female]
4. Carolina Mora Solano (40) 5:49:02.5 [third female]
5. Diego Cantillo Hernandez (32) 5:49:35.7
6. Alberto Rivera Jimenez (28) 5:49:48.9
7. Alfonso Garcia Millan (26) 6:00:16.5 +47:32.8
8. Roy Andres Araya Alvarado (17) 6:01:37.9
9. Julio Andres Aragon Azofeifa (29) 6:02:18.3
10. Juan Carlos Camacho Sequeira (47) 6:07:48.4

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