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Cork Caps Crazy Workouts For Crowners

Courtesy of Ned Denison, Cork, Ireland.

Another Cork Distance Week is in the books.

The most challenging, most difficult, longest marathon and channel and cold water swimming preparation camp designed by International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame Honor Administrator Ned Denison saw dozens of accomplished and aspiring swimmers push themselves to their limits in Sandycove Island, Cork, Ireland.

High mileage and significant psychological stress over 8 days, concluding with the Body Brain Confusion Swim, were the treats handed out by Denison to help the swimmers achieve their various marathon swimming and channel swimming goals.

The camp also honored the Triple Crowners among its campers for those to have achieved the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming.

Jim Shallow, Carol Cashell (Triple Crowner), Victoria Fox, Johny Lazarenco Tiron (Triple Crowner), Hendrik Meerman (Triple Crowner), Roisin Kelly, Ash Carroll, Sue Croft, Lisa Cummins, Vanessa Daws, Ned Denison (Triple Crowner), Fergus Galvin, Adrian Healy, Heather Purcell, Finbarr Hedderman, Rachel Hill, Alex Jeffers, Thelma Jones, Deirdre King, Imelda Lynch, Lynne MacGregor, Fergal Madden, Attila Manyoki, Garry McCarthy, Cormac McKenna, David Merriman, Jane Mitchell, Nicola Naunton, Barry O’Connor, Kyra Sterre Wijnker, Sue Cook, Fionnuala Walsh (Triple Crowner), Scott Zornig, Bronwyn Jeffers, Roisin Lewis, Maureen Montgomery, Liz Fry (Triple Crowner), Jenny Smith (Triple Crowner), Robin Rose (Triple Crowner), Sam Bail, Colm & Maria Breathnach, Neil Brinkworth, Audrey Burkley, Ciarin & Margaret Bryne, Lucas Carbonaro, Patrick Corkery, Kevin Dennehy, Catherine Fravalo, Ian Grimmer, Martin Hayes, Stephanie Hopson, Lynn Kubasek, Karianne Lancee, Jim Loreto, Liam Maher, Janet Manning, Daniel Martinez Lobo (Triple Crowner), Patrick McKnight (Triple Crowner), Courtney Moates Paulk (Triple Crowner), Therese Molyneux, Craig Morrison, Dave & Bridget Mulcahy, Anna Maria Mullally, Owen O’Keefe, Eoin O’Riordan, Riana Parsons, Siobhan Russell, Mark Smitherman (Triple Crowner), Crispin Thorold, Sarah Tunnicliffe, Ignacio Vaccaro, Clare Watkins, Martha Wood, Paula Yankauskas, Josh Brinkmann, Kristian O’Donovan, Matthais Kaßner (Triple Crowner), Adam Abrams, Gordon Adair, Jason Betly, Robert Bohane, and Caitriona Kehily.

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