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Christian Jongeneel Double Manhattan Circumnavigation

Christian Jongenel’s Double Manhattan Circumnavigation from Fernando Alonso Films on Vimeo.

There have been numerous 28.5-mile (45.8 km) circumnavigations around Manhattan Island since 1915, but there have only been a few multi-circumnavigations.

These attempts and successes include the following:

1979 double attempt – George Kauffmann (USA)
1980 double attempt – Tom Hetzel (USA)
1983 double success – Julie Ridge (USA) in over 21 hours
1984 double attempt – Ben Huggard (USA) with feet tied
1984 triple success – Stacy Chanin (USA) in 33 hours 30 minutes
2007 double success – Marcos Díaz (Dominican Republic) wetsuit in 22 hours 14 minutes
2007 double success – Skip Storch (USA) in 20 hours 56 minutes
2007 triple success – Skip Storch (USA) in 32 hours 52 minutes
2016 double success – Pieter Christian Jongeneel Anderica [shown above] (Spain) in 20 hours 15 minutes

Jongeneel’s double circumnavigation swim – that served as a charity swim for his Brazadas Solidarias – this September 18th broke the long-standing record of Skip Storch. “We experienced everything imaginable. It was an awful finish because I caught a cold during the first lap.” He created the NGO Brazadas Solidarias in order to raise funds to collaborate with humanitarian projects.”

Urban Swim’s Deanne Draeger reported, “It was a pleasure and an honor working with Christian and his family and friends in making this swim happen. Watching him fight an almost losing battle with the current for hours and pull through for a strong finish made a deep impression. I have rarely seen that kind of courage and grit.”

Additional photos of his record swim are posted here.

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