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Chip On The Shoulder Of Two Germans

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

He’s baaaaackkkk. Well, almost.

It has been many years since American Charles ‘Chip’ Peterson has been the alpha dog of the open water swimming world. With illnesses that have plagued him since winning 10 km at the 2005 FINA World Championships, his potential has always been clipped short.

But now he is getting back into shape and able to train as he wishes. Peterson has truly shown the patience and commitment of a marathon swimmer.

In today’s FINA 10 km Marathon Swimming World Cup event during the Traversée internationale du lac St-Jean week, Peterson joined winner Andreas Waschburger and Christian Reichert on the podium with Canadian Richard Weinberger taking fourth place will be held today with 28 men from 12 countries.

Preliminary results:

1. Andreas Waschburger 1:56:44.9
2. Charles Peterson 1:56:49.4
3. Christian Reichert 1:56:53.1
4. Richard Weinberger 1:56:57.8
5. Allan Do Carmo 1:56:58.0
6. Alexander Studzinski 1:57:00.2
7. Diogo Villarinho 1:57:02.8
8. Samuel De Bona 1:57:28.8
9. Victor Colonese 1:58:10.0
10. Juan Martin Pereyra 1:58:31.8
11. Yoelvis Pedraza 1:58:44.7
12. David Heron 1:59:07.2
13. Nicolas Masse-Savard 1:59:24.6
14. Kane Radford 1:59:28.5
15. Jan Posmourny1:59:32.3
16. Troy Balvert 2:01:22.4
17. Luis Rogerio Arapiraca 2:02:25.0
18. Aleksandar Illevski 2:10:10.2
19. Eric Hedlin 2:14:27.3
20. Gabriel Pouliot 2:18:50.6

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