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Chad La Tourette Churns It Up At The Trans Tahoe Relay

Chad La Tourette Churns It Up At The Trans Tahoe Relay

Courtesy of Olympic Club, Lake Tahoe, California.

Chad La Tourette is on a roll.

The former distance freestyling star captained the Sunnyside Sinners to victory at the 2018 Trans Tahoe Relay, the TOC Elite relay to victory at the 2017 event, and the TOC Latourette relay to victory at the 2016 event.

Not since George Tidmarsh captained the Tahoe Eleven Milers in 2015 has the former Mission Viejo Nadadore swimmer not stood on top of the podium with his teammates.

194 teams of six swimmers each took part in the 2018 event with SERC This! finishing in 6 hours 35 minutes – the results of the fastest 25 teams are below:

Top 25 Results:
1. Sunnyside Sinners with captain Chad La Tourette 3:24:59
2. Stiff Ripples with captain Mike Kiedel 3:42:03
3. Real Housewives of The Olympic Club with captain Colin Babcock 3:45:06
4. Stanford Sirens with captain Katie Glenn 3:48:34
5. Fresh to Depth with captain Katy Houston 3:53:35
6. NBA Originals with captain John Harlow 3:53:43
7. Longer with Big Red with captain David Cole 3:55:12
8. Roofus Moonbeam & The Snurfles with captain James Ramirez 3:56:15
9. Don’t Pull Out Volume 3 with captain Adrienne Simpson 3:56:33
10. NYAC Men with captain Brian Hogan 3:57:15
11. #LOOKGWANGJUMADEMEDOIT with captain Felicia Lee 4:00:10
12. Bearly Swimmers with captain Kelly Naze 4:00:52
13. Perpetual Taper with captain John Piirainen 4:01:05
14. NYAC Ladies with captain Liz McDonald 4:03:24
15. Lane 8 BS with captain Betty Janelle 4:03:55
16. Team Radical with captain Daniel Soares 4:04:18
17. The Saturday Morning Crew with captain Michelle Lower 4:05:39
18. The Incredible Shrinking Banana Ham with captain George Dingeldein 4:05:39
19. The Haoles with captain Matt Moser 4:06:35
20. Barracuda Business & The CL Smoothi with captain Jerad Slagle 4:06:38
21. Everyone Loves Fat Raymond with captain Wyatt Butler 4:06:58
22. Team Anxiety with captain Andrew Ferguson with captain 4:07:32
23. Big Game and The Gang with captain Paul Cousineau 4:08:11
24. Poohstrong IX with captain Brian Mirkovich 4:08:38
25. Gary Chicago with captain Michael Zennedjian 4:09:18

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