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Busy Bruckner Chases His Mission

Busy Bruckner Chases His Mission

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

365 days a year, Bruckner Chase is either training, coaching, organizing or traveling to ocean competitions, clinics, presentations, seminars or teaching opportunities.

There are few as engaged and involved year-round or lifelong as is Chase in the marine environment whether it involves the media, sponsors, foundations or corporations.

Paul Craig, President and Founder of XX2i Optics, describes the 51-year-old whose mission is to positively impact how we feel, think and act towards our oceans. “You couldn’t find a better mix of activist, athlete, and environmentalist if you tried.

What Bruckner is doing for athletes and ocean conservation is amazing and motivating, Bruckner represents the values and DNA of the XX2i Optics brand as we strive to provide the best 8k polarized and eyewear solutions to the endurance sports community.”

Craig’s praise comes on the heels of the XX2i Optics multi-year partnership with New Jersey-based ocean advocate who has garnered additional partnerships with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and Red Bull.

Chase is currently working with NOAA to create practical connections between the assets and potential of the bureaucratic, government-run National Weather Service and the open water swimming and lifesaving community. He is helping to establish an outreach model to help protect coastal communities and oceans through innovative economic business models. He also has partnerships with Force Blue, Plastic Pollution Coalition, Forever Oceans and Wildlife Conservation Society New York Aquarium to create innovative, evidence initiatives that connect people to the oceans and the actions to protect them.

His new role as the Ocean and Aquatic Sports Editor for the Movement Sports Magazine enables his platform to expand and reach even more triathletes, open water swimmers, runners, and other endurance sports athletes. Sponsors like XX2i Optics also appreciate his Global Ambassador position for the Lifesaving World Championships, creation of Legion of Ocean Heroes, a lifesaving festival for athletes with spinal cord injuries, and his work for the Wings for Life Foundation.

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