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Bruno De Petriconi Heading Towards His Childhood Dream

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Bruno De Petriconi grew up on Corsica, a small island in France. But he had big dreams.

His childhood dreams included visiting the Farallon Islands and swimming with sharks.

Now that the competitive skydiver is living in the San Francisco Bay Area and got introduced to the Night Train Swimmers, he about to realize his childhood dream. His first swim outside the Golden Gate Bridge with the Night Train Swimmers turned into a battle with the elements in the turbulent Pacific.

His great attitude and extreme sports background are useful in filming and producing great videos for his new aquatic teammates.

I also grew up in southern Germany and got into competitive skydiving during my service in the French military,” explains the multi-cultural adventurer. “Being involved in all kinds of aerial extreme sports, video editing has always been a passion of mine.”

Now his footage of the big blue above has expanded to the Big Blue below. “It’s always interesting and challenging to work with ‘new’ raw footage and try to catch the essence of what the subject [of open water swimming] is all about. Sharks have always been a major part of my life. So have the Farallons since I have read about them long ago.”

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