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Bridging the Cayman Islands: A Poem Inspired by Penny Palfrey

As Penny jumped off the coral shore,
She was heading towards an unopened door.

68 miles across a beautiful sea,
Teamwork, for sure, was one important key.

She assembled a team from all over the place,
Who were willing to help with a serious game face.

The secret of success is so very clear,
Treasure each person, trusting them dear.

10, 20, 100K more in the sea ahead,
Already enhancing her swimming cred.

70-80 strokes per minute all day and night,
Swimming in a groove, in a magnificent fight.

Her escort crew worked in shifts to help her across,
Knowing very well who is the ultimate boss.

Despite winds and waves, she showed power and grace,
From Hawaii to Gibraltar, all over the place.

Stroke by stroke, hour by hour, mile by mile,
She just kept on swimming with a giant bright smile.

But night will come, making it totally dark,
This is where she can make her mark.

Of course, things can wrong, night or day,
This is where the men have their say.

The men in her boats, her extraordinary crew,
Are always helping, earning their due.

Three sharks approached her, ready to bite,
Two by day, and a larger one by night.

If not for Charles, a shark-fighting hero,
It would be sharks one, Penny zero.

With his paddle, Richard was beating the shark,
Brave as can be, the lawyer made his mark.

With Jeff at his ready and Chris at their back,
The team was not ready to take any slack.

Big sharks, stinging jellies, and so much more,
Ready to defeat you down at your core.

Strong winds, high tides, and relentless waves,
This was just one of those marathon days.

For the swimmer is the hero, a beautiful gem,
Who they must protect and guide tomorrow again.

One day, two days, many hours at sea,
The teamwork is a treasure to see.

Expect the unexpected, you never know when,
Penny will face trouble again and again.

Her tongue so swollen, her lips in pain,
It’s a miracle she is still swimming sane.

She leads the men on this journey down here,
They move with precision, without any fear.

Together as one, an international unity team,
Helping her realize her Cayman Island dream.

68 miles 110K, it’s a very long way to go,
She swims with a purpose, never too fast or too slow.

Her crew is alongside, keeping watch like a hawk,
Kayakers, mariners, watermen and even a doc.

No stone was left unturned in this island nation,
For this Bridge dream was a magnificent creation.

Success is in store for those who take action,
And do not wait for any negative reaction.

Penny was the lone swimmer, but others played a part,
For the Cayman Islands is just ready to start.

People like Penny know the beauty down here,
With all the support, there is nothing to fear.

History was made in the annals of swimming,
With Penny and crew finished ‘a winning.

Now others can come to swim in the island blue,
They have the sea, the coral and mighty good crew.

The beauty, the challenge, the wonders that are,
Make the Cayman Islands an open water star.

C’mon come down, visit the jewel,
The Cayman Islands are just way too cool.

Copyright © 2011 by World Open Water Swimming Association

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