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Big Swim Memory: The Marathon Mission In Marina Martinique

Ralph West, Brenton WilliamsJC van WykGreg TuckerRussell Tucker, and Sanmarie Woithe embarked on an audacious goal between March 21st and 25th 2012 in their local water in Marina Martinique in Jeffreys Bay, South Africa: to swim 350 km over a 4-day period.

Their Marina Martinique Marathon was a success. They ultimately swam 351.5 km which set the current-neutral record for distance covered in a lake. Their record was later upped in a closed-circuit course three years later by the Night Train Swimmers‘ NT300 team (Grace van der BylDave HolscherKimberley ChambersAdam EilathAshley Horne, and Vito Bialla) that swam around San Francisco Bay, finishing 504 km in 91 hour 29 minutes.

A small sampling of remarkable marathon swimming relays over the last 30 years include the following:

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