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Best Practices In The Open Water

Marathon running does it. Triathlons do it. Pool swimming does it. So does water polo, synchronized swimming and diving and every athletic competition conducted on land.

Contemporary competitions – whether in the water or on land – provide immediate race results as a fundamental race offering.

Nowadays, race results can be – and should be – provided immediately online, on paper and via mobile devices.

Race results should be offered electronically to athletes, coaches and the media and should be posted virtually to the event website and via online social networks.

At the Global Open Water Swimming Conference, best practices of the world’s most organized swims including the Midmar Mile in South Africa were discussed. But even in these contemporary times, many open water races do not immediately post their race results. Sometimes, it takes several hours after the last swimmer has finished or days for race directors to post their official results. With modern technology, The Daily News of Open Water Swimming believes this is not optimal or desirable.

If race directors cannot or will not provide immediate race results, it is up to the swimmers and coaches to make these requests and demand immediate results. Other sports do it and our sport will be better off for it.

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