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Ben Fogle, The Young Man And The Sea

The 3,000-mile Great Atlantic Swim is a continuous stage swim to be attempted in 2014 by well-known British adventure swimmer Ben Fogle, a television presenter, adventurer and writer who travels the world.

The course of The Great Atlantic Swim is more than 3,000 miles from America to Cornwall. Fogle will swim solo and will support himself with a yacht.

The swim is promoted as “Man and Sea. No boat, no board, no paddle, no oar, no sail.

Just man and ocean. It is the purest of challenges, the toughest of pursuits but the greatest of adventures” as Fogle plans to swim in a wetsuit up to 12 hours a day. He will use the support yacht for sleeping and eating, logging his stop and start position each day to ensure he swims the entire distance himself.

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