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Aurélie Muller Chasing Her Dreams

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Aurélie Muller won the gold medal at the 2017 FINA World Championships in Lake Balaton, Hungary.

But the 28-year-old Muller battled all kinds of disappointments and challenges for years before she was able to stand on top of the podium in an international open water race.

She has faced all kinds of ups and downs during her career. She won the 2015 FINA World Swimming Championships in Kazan, Russia to qualify for the Olympic 10K Marathon Swim, but then was disqualified on the very last stroke at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, losing an Olympic medal in the process.

Saison 2 of the Tahiti Swimming Experience on 2-8 December 2018
Aurélie Muller (born 7 June 1990) is a 28-year-old professional marathon swimmer from France, swimming under coach Philippe Lucas at Cercle des nageurs narbonnais.

Started swimming with my father and normal swimming

10 years to stat

16 years first started to dream about the Olympics


18 years at 2008
europoean junior champonships 2006, I really
1500 no Olympics
10 km
800 big level
no precise golaal it was the first time did not wahat to expect
no one prepared that well
French federation did not know what to do and were not as prepared as now.
They didn thave Stephan

Never thought to drink and hot and didn t drink
She learned to drink

Didn’t drink at all

She thought it was possible to drink without

Ok at the end disappointed

Both after 2008
She always wanted to be in the pool.
She didn’t have it and so her pool spwrimming helped her with the open water and she wlasyw wanted to do the 800 and 1500

She needed the speed
The speed at the end
The 200 – 800 the same

2009 roma was very hot, it was disappointed. 5 km was ok and the 10 km was the same as Beijing

rome was very hot
she learned about thel little thing as she went

in the qualifying race hypothermia

very disappointing to me
she wasn’t prepared for very cold water.
It was another lesson
She realized her body was not used to the cold water
34 C

I remember consciousness to saw help me
2012 was hard andno more objectives to swim for
it was a hard year
ueoprena cham
did nto think to quite
still young and things to prove
for she had yearst so
and still things to learn

for rio she has trying to adapt and and waves and she tried to adapt
she gets seasickness
two she tried to get seasick
west france is a she helped with seasocikness

in 2006 at rio at the worl junior championship, rio wasa a great symbol and she believes in those things and she was confident of destriny and previous success

she was confident and she trained with philippe locus nad she was confident that she was going to be on the podium

I didn’t see Sharon van

I asw the Italian and Brazilian girl

I thought I was won

After the all the team the studf to get the
When I heard the podium positions to be called. She couldn’t she thought the team was going to take care of this and when the podium was called, she realized it was too late.

The team was going to handle this

Did another protest and FINA
And she was waiting and

It was relax time
She stopped swimming for two months
She was supposed to

One month was very hard. No eating no sleeping the month after

October in Thailand for
October 15

Once a day to come back slowly
She felt like she wanted to go back to swim
I am swimming but what am I going to do
The goal was not to be a world champion again
She felt like she wanted to do something ele like triathlon or other races

Santa fe

Talked to French federation and don’t go to to far from her speciality
Santa fe would be the end of her career , but not now
Oh why not> I have nothing to loose

Kazan did a 25k

She trained so much but the objective was to finish and she could do it.

Big challenge it was a big challenge and a big goal to overcome everything
That was her goal
Nothing made her happy
There was no dream every then Olympic games iddid not make her dream

Just fnish

9 hours
Stephan no waves 8 hours 15 minutes

When she first got there and she was really into the race and confident that she would finish
Stephan was there

So I am swimming and swimming
At one point I one hour 50 minutes and one another hour it was one hour and 50 minutes.

I am dead. She was very tired. She was proud of herself
She received a reward to finish

Physical fatigure it was all physical and horizontal oall the hours

The entire body was fatigued and drained

Lactic aice

I don’t know if I do it again

Santé fe was end thend of the bad
And the bginning
She was finishing the mourning and and this was the beginning

Then the 10K races was so successful

Judges and
I had something to do it and it was inside me
The pressure was less and she felt better
10k became easier for her
after santa fe than the 10K
no pressure anymore

she swam less than 2018 in 2017
she did this huge press

she felt that lose the value , working and respect and exhcnge sharing with sharing, respect and
and she regained it in santa fe

not yet the Olympic year will increase
Olympic year is very important for

4 x 2000 on 24 minutes

once per month
10 x 1000 at 12 monht 50m pool

stretch like to stretch
15-20 stretching every night
no one does does sports

all her friends and family
supportive of her when she goes home
she can do it

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