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Ana Marcela Cunha, Viviane Jungblut Finish In The Mix

Courtesy of Satiro Sodré, SSPress/CBDA, Lago Paranoá, Brasília, Brazil.

Within eight seconds, the top nine swimmers finished the Campeonato Brasileiro de Aguas Abertas in Lago Paranoá, an artificial reservoir in Brasília, on September 17th.

Among the seven fastest men in the national Brazilian open water swimming championships, two top women (Ana Marcela Cunha and Viviane Jungblut) swam togther with the lead pack and ultimatelly finished right in the middle, a credit to their competitiveness, speed and stamina.

Campeonato Brasileiro de Aguas Abertas Brasilia 2017 Top 10 Females:
1 Ana Marcela Cunha 1:57.04.00
2 Viviane Jungblut 1:57.06.00
3 Gabriela Cordeiro Ferreira 2:02.28.00
4 Betina Lorscheitter 2:11.22.00
5 Julia Leal Nina 2:12.52.00
6 Rafalela Monilly Cardoso 2:12.54.00
7 Marina Amorim 2:14.26.00
8 Camila Poso Tribst 2:16.16.00
9 Leticia Queiroz 2:20.50.0
10 Carol Souza Hertel 2:21.11.00

Campeonato Brasileiro de Aguas Abertas Brasilia 2017 Top 10 Males:
1 Fernando Ponte 1:57.00.00
2 Victor Hugo Ribeiro Colonese 1:57.01.00
3 Alexandre Finco 1:57.02.00
4 Matheus Evangelista 1:57.02.10
5 Elder Luna de Oliveira 1:57.03.00
6 Luiz Gustavo Barros 1:57.05.00
7 Mattheus Hirota Costa 1:57.08.00
8 Alexandre Spiess 2:00.53.00
9 Matheus da Silva 2:01.25.00
10 João Ricardo Cauduro de Miranda 2:02.21.00

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