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Amazon River, Where Swimming Is Faster Than Biking

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Last week, Polish explorers Dawid Andres and Hubert Kisiński finished cycling the length of the Amazon River on specially designed bikes that enabled them to pedal both onshore and on special pontoons.

Their 6,992 km (4,345-mile) journey took them 180 days to complete. The duo traveled an average of 38.8 km per day.

In comparison, Martin Strel took 66 days in 2007 to complete his stage swim of 5,268 km (3,273 miles) in the Amazon River. The International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame Honour Swimmer swam an average of 79.8 km per day.

Photo of Amazon Bike by Hubert Kisiński. Photo of Martin Strel in the Amazon River by Amazon Swim.

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