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All They Do Is Yack, Yack, Yack

Courtesy of Phil White, Kingdom Games, Vermont.

Phil White, Director of the Kingdom Games, explains the growing need for kayakers – or yackers in the local vernacular, “Open water swimming in the legendary lakes of the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont and the Eastern Townships of Québec is growing each year. All swimmers in our events are required to be accompanied by a kayak or SUP.

Swimmers are encouraged to bring their own. But when they can’t, we offer to recruit one for them. We charge them an extra fee. We provide kayakers with a stipend, dinners, and free lodging if they need it. We’ve built a wonderful base of yackers, but are always looking for more.

In addition, for In Search of Memphre, our 25-mile cross-border swim the length of Lake Memphremagog, we use 16-foot aluminum boats and often have a need for a crew member or a pilot for these boats or for the larger patrol boats.

We are looking to fill slots at the June 30th Son of a Swim, at the July 17th and September 10th In Search of Memphre, at the July 28th Kingdom Swim, and during the August 11th to 19th NEK Swim Week.”

The NEK Swim Week is held over a 9-day period in 8 lakes in Vermont where there is a cumulative total of 46 miles of swimming, including 4 marathon swims. Swimmers can swim one day or up to all eight days with an option of participating in shorter swims on each day.

For more information on how to kayak for the Kingdom Swim, In Search of Memphre and the NEK Swim Week, visit here or ask questions via e-mail to

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