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Alexandra Mia Burke & Mom Complete Flowers Sea Swim

Dara Flowers-Burke works hand-in-hand with her father and founder of the Flowers Sea Swim. Her role is a part of her DNA; her operational and public relations responsibilities are complimentary to the vision of her father.

But she found herself 8 and a half months pregnant during this year’s Flowers Sea Swim. With her daughter Alexandra Mia safely monitored by a physician literally swimming side-by-side with Dara, Dara finished in a very decent of time of 47 minutes.

Oh, I would rather be [swimming] in the sea rather than standing in this heat,” said Dara after the event.

What was especially unique was her number: 3.5. She was #3 for being her traditional race number (with her father Mr. Flowers and her older brother Frankie Jr.0.5 was event and 0.5 for little Alexandra Mia.

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