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Alex Kostich Wins Another Naples Islands 3-Miler

Courtesy of WOWSA, Naples Island Swim & SUP, Long Beach, California.

Naples is a neighborhood of Long Beach, California where people have been swimming and competing around its three islands for generations. Naples is a built on three islands located in Alamitos Bay next to the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics rowing basin and the Pacific Ocean where the annual Naples Island Swim & SUP is held.

The event dates back to at least the 1960’s, but no one quite remembers its origin,” recalls Steven Munatones. “Lucy Johnson organized the swim for decades and it has now been headed by Greg Shea and the next generation of open water swimming leaders.”

This year, 89 people did the 3-mile around-the-island race. 47-year-old Alex Kostich won another race in 52:21.1. This time he was pushed by 15-year-old Brandon Samaniego of Novaquatics who was leading for over half the race. Kostich hung with the emerging youngster until the third of four bridges along the course. Then he opened up a lead that the former Stanford swimmer and masters swimming legend was able to hold on to the finish [shown below].

Lexie Kelly handily won the women’s race, escorted by her friend Megan Monroy [shown above].

Top 25 Results for 3-Mile Circumnavigation Swim
1. Alex Kostich 52:21
2. Brandon Samaniego 53:43
3. Lexie Kelly 57:55
4. Mazen Abouelela 58:24
5. Jeffrey Crosson 58:58
6. Mike Lucero 59:56
7. Lyle Nalli 1:00:16
8. Ivan Rodriguez 1:00:22
9. Jonathan Edge 1:00:34
10. James Calhoun 1:00:36
11. Anja Oca 1:00:45
12. Ian Hanson 1:00:45
13. Brenna Knapp 1:00:51
14. Charlie Yu 1:02:12
15. Michael Purla 1:02:12
16. Parks Wesson 1:02:14
17. Bryan Buck 1:02:15
18. Ryan Ballance 1:02:25
19. James Hochstrasser 1:02:34
20. Nicolaas Baljeu 1:05:15
21. Konrad Mayer 1:05:15
22. Timothy Mahar 1:06:13
23. Travis England 1:06:18
24. Merritt Morris 1:06:43
25. Bill Ireland 1:07:32

The multi-race event in the Aquatic Capital of America was held concurrently with the Beach Water Polo Cup and other open water races in and around the canals of Naples.

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