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Adventure Swimmers Productions Showcases Sarah Thomas

Courtesy of Jamie Patrick of Adventure Swimmer Productions in association with Sea Nymph Films on Sarah Thomas‘ unprecedented 81.8-mile (131.6 km) crossing of Lake Powell along the Arizona-Utah border in the western USA on October 4th-6th 2016 in 56 hours 5 minutes.

Jamie Patrick of Adventure Swimmer Productions explains, “I am extremely excited to share a video I put together of Sarah Thomas’ epic swim in Lake Powell. For the past two weeks I have been re-living this amazing journey. I have literally had goose bumps the entire time putting this together. I truly hope you enjoy watching this amazing woman make history. I apologize for the poor video quality at the finish. Everyone went Live on Facebook at the finish and we failed to take regular video. It is grainy, but the result is CLEAR. Sit back, turn up the volume and enjoy. Thank you to Ken Classen for the amazing still shots.”

Patrick worked with Thomas’ on-the-water escort team that included Ryan Willis, Andrew Malinak, Suzie Dods, Karl Kingery, Scott Olson, John Baxter, Becky Powell, Melody Maxson, Jack Nuanes, Alice Barton, Ken Classen, and Alex Thomas.

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