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A New Launch Of An Iconic Channel

Courtesy of Asociación Cruce A Nado Del Estrecho De Gibraltar, Spain – Morocco.

Laura Gutiérrez Díaz announced the launch of the new Asociación Cruce A Nado Del Estrecho De Gibraltar (ACNEG) website, the authoritative governing body of solo and relay crossings between Spain and Morocco.

She wrote, “Swimmers of open water, from ACNEG and on the occasion of our 20th anniversary when we started to offer our logistical and navigational services across the Strait of Gibraltar, we want to introduce our new website that is full of new features.

[Under the leadership of Rafael Gutiérrez Mesa and his colleagues and partners], we began our journey in 1999. Since society is modernizing, we also wanted to adapt to the social technological progression by creating an innovative website in terms of design and content.

What better way to celebrate our 20 years of activity than with this project that contributes to the union of all open water swimmers.”

For more information about the Asociación Cruce A Nado Del Estrecho De Gibraltar and the 14.4 km crossing between Europe and Africa, visit

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