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2015 International Self-Transcendence Marathon Swim

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

On July 26th, a slew of men will chase after one of the oldest records in the open water swimming world, the 5 hour 53 minute swim by Mohamed Marouf at the 26.4 km International Self-Transcendence Marathon Swim from Rapperswil to Zürich. He set the record in 1993 as a member of the Egyptian national swim team.

The women in the field will go after Switzerland’s Nadja Krüger record of 5 hours 59 minutes set in 2001.

The Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team is organizing the 28th annual International Self-Transcendence Marathon Swim across Lake Zürich. The 2015 start list includes the following swimmers:

Bioprene Men (16 to 39 years):
*Jackson Carroll (born 1978), Australia
*Michael Garnett (1980), Great Britain
*Carsten Polzin (1976), Germany
*Oliver Kramer (1977), Germany
*Theodosis Charalampos (1976), Greece
*Jonathan Leconte (1986), France
*Rory Scallan (1982), Great Britain
*Steve Whibley (1981), Great Britain
*Lazarenco Ion (1978), Ireland
*John Zemaitis (1983), USA
*Joseph Zemaitis (1980), USA
*Jacob Miyauchi (1997), USA
*Nicolas Berlinger (1983), Chile/Switzerland

Bioprene Men (above 40 years):
*Martin Hofmann (1975), Germany
*Martyn Webster (1967), Great Britain
*Gary Brickley (1965), Great Britain
*Michael Latham (1967), Great Britain
*Stefan Schyrer (1964), Germany
*Dietmar Zilz (1966), Germany
*Steve Petford (1960), Great Britain
*Thomas Van Every (1969), Great Britain
*Mark Hannigan (1972), Ireland
*Philippe Fort (1964), France
*Patrick Cray (1966), Great Britain
*Dylan Haughton (1966), Great Britain
*Alexis Puhan (1971), Switzerland

Neoprene Men (16 to 39 years):
*Teo Lotti (1977), Italy
*Felix Lenz (1987), Germany
*Josh Azulay (1978), USA

Neoprene Men (above 40 years):
*Pataka Spacek (1972), Czech Republic
*Cedric Freyling (1972), Belgium
*Alessandro Caffi (1968), Italy
*Jason Gill (1974) Great Britain
*Peter Tomasek (1973), Switzerland
*Wiatr Wlodzimierz (1957), Poland
*Christoph Schlegel (1964), Germany
*Davide Guglielmi (1969), Italy
*Marcus Fell (1971), Germany

Bioprene Women (16 to 39 years):
*Catherine Jardine (1977), Great Britain
*Varada Dharmadhikari (1996), India
*Teas Shankaran (1997), India
*Abhejali Bernardova (1977), Czech Republic
*Birgit Kleber (1977), Germany
*Jo Yetman (1985), Great Britain

Bioprene Women (above 40 years):
*Vasanti Niemz (1956), Germany
*Kate Robarts (1961), Great Britain
*Heidi Sweetman (1967), Great Britain
*Sabine Croci (1973), Germany
*Judith Wendler (1971), Germany

Neoprene Women (16 to 39 years):
*Tamara Maurer (1980), Switzerland
*Barbara Postal (1980), Italy

Neoprene Women (over 40 years):
*Friderike Wachs (1966), Germany

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