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15 Funky, Uniquely Futuristic Products For The Open Water

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Thinking way, way outside the box way, way out into the future in the open water swimming world, below are some uniquely bizarre products that might be cool to see or use in later part of the 21st century or perhaps beyond:

1. Swimsuit Sans Strings: For men, these swimsuits that do not require tying of strings. For women, these swimsuits come without shoulder straps that can chafe. Both male and female styles simple stay the body comfortably and snugly.

2. Glow-in-the-dark Swimsuits or Swim Caps: For night swims, these easy-to-see-in-the darkness swim products would definitely help illuminate the swimmer for the escort crew and pilot, but conversely the products might also attract unwanted marine creatures. For daytime activities, funky phosphorescence designs on the body and/or on the head would be fun to create and wear.

3. Photochromic Goggles: For people who alternatively swim in the early morning before sunrise and in the middle of bright sunny days, or for channel swimmers who swim through the night into the bright sunlights, goggles with photochromic lenses that are clear in the darkness or dim light and darken automatically when exposed to sunlight would be very helpful. Prescription goggles with transitions lenses and other light-adaptive lenses with variable tint would be especially appreciated by those with nearsightedness or farsightedness.

4. Hypothermia Helper: For swimmers who do not like or cannot tolerate cold or cooler water temperatures, the Hypothermia Helper is available in various form factors (e.g., chewing gum, pills, or skin ointments) that enable cold-adverse swimmers to be able to swim comfortably anywhere at any temperature at any time.

5. Travel Transporter: A teleportation could convert swimmers into an energy field via dematerialization that beams them to an open body of water of their choice. Upon arrival, the swimmer is reconverted into matter, enabling them to swim anywhere anytime.

6. 10-10 Goggles (also called Aquatic Scopes): Swimming goggles with special optic properties that enables you to see further and with more accuracy from far away, similar to the capabilities of a telescope or pair of binoculars.

7. Phenomenal Force Field: Similar to the Hypothermia Helper, the Force Field enable those who are not comfortable with water or air temperatures (either too warm or too cold) to be able to swim comfortably anywhere anytime.

8. Fluffy Towel Warmer: Get out of the water and the Fluffy Towel Warmer makes terry cloth towels nice and warm, soft and fresh every time a swimmer gets out of the water, especially cold water. For tropically warm, humid marine environments, the Fluffy Towel Warmer setting can be set to Cool and the Fluffy Towel Cooler puts a refreshing chill into the towels.

9. Contact Lens: These thin lens are placed directly on the surface of the eye, effectively eliminating the need for goggles in both fresh water and salt water and the always-annoying problem with fogging of goggles.

10. Swimming Superhydrophobic Skin: A superhydrophobic, nanotechnology skin coating that completely repels water and enables swimmers to become immediately dry after every swim. It comes in various form factors including lotions, sprays, and gels – and is especially useful in wintery, cold-wind conditions.

11. Sunscreen Skin: A superhydrophobic sunscreen that is placed on and adheres to the swimmer’s skin, but that concurrently repels water and perspiration while staying on the skin for the entire swim or all day on land. It comes in various form factors including lotions, sprays, and gels that absorbs or reflects the sun’s ultraviolet radiation to protect against sunburn, raccoon eyes, goggle tans, panda eyes, and swim cap tans.

12. Photosensitive Swim Cap: The photosensitive swim cap changes colors and shades dependent on the amount of brightness of the day, glare of the sun, and darkness of the night. In the bright sunshine, the photosensitive swim cap becomes dark; in the darkness of night, the photosensitive swim cap becomes illuminated.

13. Aquatic Acoustic Ear Plugs: Audio electroacoustic ear plugs that not only keep the water out of your eyes, but also are designed to amplify ambient sound both in and out of the water. It helps the swimmer hear voices more clearly on an escort boat and pick up sounds in the marine environment.

14. Self-directed, Self-propelled Escort: When swimming solo, swimmers can bring a Self-propelled Escort in the form factor of a paddleboard or kayak that contains hydration, feeding, a GPS device and communication equipment. The Self-propelled Escort follows – or leads – the swim on a pre-set course and maintains a close distance from the swimmer at all times. Options include Bluetooth-enabled bone conduction headphones where music can be played and a digital pace clock.

15. Self-directed Documentation Drone: When swimming solo, swimmers can direct a Self-propelled Drone to take aerial videos of the swimmer and surrounding marine environment to document, edit and upload scenes from the workout, crossing or race. The Self-propelled Drone follows the swimmer who directs its shooting angles and setting from a control panel on their swim cap. Options include extra battery packs for longer swims.

Photo shows Chad Ho at the aQuellé Midmar Mile in South Africa.

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