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14th Bangla Channel Swim On March 21st

Courtesy of Fazlul Kabir Sina, Bangla Channel, Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh.

Fazlul Kabir Sina is the organizer of the International Bangla Channel Marathon Swim, a 16.1 km race across the Bangla Channel in the Bay of Bengal in Bangladesh.

Kabir, along with Lipton Sarker and Salman Saeed, did the first successful crossing of the 16.1 km Bangla Channel in January 2006.

In 2012, Milko van Gool become the first non-Bangladeshi and first person without fins to complete the swim.

The 14th Bangla Channel Swim will take place on March 21st. Kabir describes the 14th edition, “This is going to be bigger than last year in terms of swimmer participation. This time, a 67-year- old physically challenged man namely Md. Shoaib is going to attempt the distance.”

Participants in the Fortune Bangla Channel Swimming 2019 – 14th Edition
1. Fazlul Kabir Sina
2. Lipton Sarker (Md. Emadul Haque Sarker)
3. MD. Moniruzzaman
4. Mohammad Shamsuzzaman Arafat
5. MD. Saiful Islam Rasel
6. Abdullah Al Roman
7. Md. Rafiqul Islam
8. Mizanur Rahman
9. Md. Lotifur Rahman (Utshob Sarker)
10. Shohag Biswas
11. Sheikh Mahbub Ur Rahman
12. Muntasir Sami
13. Md. Al Shad Sarker
14. MD Nahid Hasan
15. MD. Abdullah Al Mamun
16. Allama Didar
17. Jamshedul Alam
18. MD. Alamgir
19. Hemayet Ullah Noor
20. MD. Shoib
21. A.H.M Yeakub Ali Jony
22. MD. Hasan Jamil
23. Tamim Islam
24. Hasibul Hasan Sabuj
25. Mosaddak Ahmed Tarik
26. MD. Abu Taher
27. Mahadi Hasan
28. Manir Hosen
29. S.I.M Ferdous Alom
30. Md. Rafiqul Islam
31. Sree Sonkor Chondro Bromon
32. MD. Mazed Mia
33. Mst. Mitu Akhter
34. Mst. Shohagi
35. Md Musa Harun
36. Md Nayon Islam
37. Sajjad Hosen

The history of the race is shown here.

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