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10 Top Reasons To Watch New Caledonia Race

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

On April 18th, Cyril Huet will host the newest FINA/Hosa 10K Marathon Swimming World Cup race in New Caledonia.

Ana Marcela Cunha, Christine Jennings, Angela Maurer, Karla Sitic, Poliana Okimoto, Martina Grimaldi, Cecilia Biagioli, Shi Yu, Emily Brunemann, and Rachele Bruni are among the ten fastest and toughest 10 km female marathon swimmers in the world and will have tremendously competitive race.

Allan de Carmo, Thomas Lurz, Christian Reichert, Diogo Vilarinho, Andreas Waschburger, Samuel de Bona, Chip Peterson, Richard Weinberger, Jarrod Poort, and Thomas Allan are among the ten fastest and most savvy 10 km male marathon swimmers in the world and will put on a tremendously strategic race.

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