Swell Swimming Across Sado


Courtesy of Masayuki Moriya, Sado Island, Japan.

With the water temperature at 19°C and winds roaring throughout the night, the sea swells between Sado Island and the Japanese mainland near Niigata Prefecture were rough and constant, but the flow of water pushed the Ocean Navi team of Kumiko Koizumi, Masamichi Taniuchi, Tamotsu Yoshida, Noriko Kawasaki, Minori Tanaka, Takaomi Modegi, Yukie Makino, Terumi Nakayama and Satoko Murata towards their finish.

The team completed a relay crossing of the Sado Channel from Sado Island to the Japanese mainland of Honshu in 13 hours 7 minutes 4 seconds on June 13th.

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