Will Rogers Tells A Story While Swimming


Paramedic and triathlon veteran Will Rogers of Canada wants to help.

He is telling a story – about how to stop exploitation of children in Canada – while embarking on a long journey in the water, on foot and on a bicycle.

Along his route, including his most recent 13.5-mile solo lake swim across the Strait of Georgia in Vancouver as part of his Million Dollar Journey, he tells a story how to raise money and awareness for children who are most at risk from predators.

Rogers’ Million Dollar Journey is a total of 600 miles with 300 miles of running, 287 miles of biking and the 22 km swim across the Strait of Georgia, starting at the ferry causeway at Tsawwassen to Galliano Island. His 22 km crossing took him 8 hours 50 minutes as “lots of harbor seals and seagulls with the odd killer whale pod swimming.”

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