What Is Inside Your Drink?

Courtesy of Ori Sela from Israel.

Ori Sela’s detailed recipe for marathon swimmers is here:

1. Cut 6 units of fruits that you like: banana, pear, papaya, peach or anything else to little pieces.
2. Boil water in a pot, add the fruit to the boiling water and let it cook until they’re soft.
3. At the same time, take 2 cups of Quaker, add 4 cups of boiling water to it, and stir it will until the water and Quaker blend into a liquid porridge.
4. Mix the cooked fruits with the Quaker in a big bowl.
5. Put everything in the freezer to cool for 20 minutes.
6. Mix everything after it has cooled in the blender.
7. If the blend comes out too thick to drink, add some water.
8. Pour the drink into bottles of 333cc and try to drink consume on bottle in 2 hours of swimming, when stopping to drink a quarter every 30 minutes or so.

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