Warm-Hearted Swimming In Cold Water


Tunisia’s open water swimming ambassador Nejib Belhedi was televised today on TV1 and Hannibal TV swimming in 3ºC (37ºF) water for an hour at the Sidi Saad Dam in Jedliane (Kasserine), Tunisia. The English Channel swimmer who also swam the coastline of his native Tunisia in times of political and social turmoil has done a number of swims, both short and long.

But this exploit was definitely his coldest and toughest to date.

I discovered that at the age of 61, I can call myself an extreme swimmer.” At the age of 61, he is most definitely hitting his stride and giving inspiration to Tunisia’s next generation of swimmers.

Belhedi walked 17 km up to the freezing top of the tallest mountain in Tunisia (Djebel Chambi). “I went up to salute the sun, Surya Namaskar. Tatiana Ostanina, my adviser advised me to harness this powerful spirit. Breath deeply the fresh mountain air and receive the first rays of sun rising to warm Tunisia. Look with great concentration at the horizon and go.”

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