The Top Scot Gets Into Swimming


For people who love adventure, for individuals who enjoy the outdoors lifestyle, for those who yearn to travel and explore the world, Mark Beaumont certainly lives the life.

The Top Scot has been around the world cycling, rowing, exploring. And now he has gotten into swimming.

He does it with a wetsuit while swimming 4 hours 26 minutes in a 10.2 km swim from the Isle of Arran, the largest island in the Firth of Clyde, to Bute, a nearby island. His excitement and wonder are infectious. His enthusiasm is apparent and inviting. After inspiring himself to first go on an expedition at the age of 12, he is now a motivation for others. And his invite is to the sea.

SUCCESS! 4 hrs 26min, 10.2km swim from Arran to Bute from Mark Beaumont on Vimeo.

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