The Passion And Pressure Of The Coaches


You could see it in their eyes. You could hear it in their voice. You could read it in their body language.

Both Dave Kelsheimer (above) of Team Santa Monica in California and Alex Pussieldi (below) of the Davie Nadadores in Florida are two extraordinarily passionate, relatively young coaches on either side of America.

Both Kelsheimer and Pussieldi love distance swimming and open water swimming in particular. They study the sport and understand the tactics and techniques required to rise to the highest echelon.

What was great to see was how they never took their eyes off their athletes at last week’s USA Swimming National Open Water Swimming Championships. Whether they were observing via their binoculars, cheering onshore, or watching the live webcast on their iPhones (shown on left), the two coaches were thoroughly and entirely engaged in the competition.

And when their athletes performed to their potential, their smiles are as wide as could be and their pride in their athletes is as palpable as can be.

Coaches Kelsheimer and Pussieldi are just outstanding coaching role models.

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