The Legend Of The Mountain Mermaids Is Reality


Once upon a time there was a beautiful mermaid who lived by the sea. She was a dynamic, personable, fluid creature who touched everyone and everything she encountered.

One day she went on vacation and met a mountain man along the shoreline. The mermaid and the mountain man both immediately fell in love and moved high above the sea to the Rocky Mountains. The mermaid loved the mountain man with all her heart, but she deeply missed the sea, her native home. The ocean beckoned her, she could sense the sea breezes even high up in the thin mountain air.

Her voice became scratchy, her hair became patchy dry, and her skin became sensitive to the sun so high up in the mountain range.

Luckily, she met other mermaids living out of their element. They immediately bonded and created a new community for themselves, establishing a new company that served to figuratively connect them with their native marine environment. They called the entity, Mountain Mermaids.

Mountain Mermaid Eney Jones explains, “It doesn’t matter where you live, but rather how you live. You can learn to swim and become healthy and fit in a life-long sport that treats your body with care and compassion. Wear our swimsuits and stay in the water even longer; they protect your skin from the damaging effects of the sun. We do not want to see anymore damsels in distress. But don’t wait to be rescued, become your own hero.”

For more information on the real-world Mountain Mermaids, visit here.

Eney Jones will get a little taste of home when she competes in the U.S. Masters Swimming National 10 km Open Water Swimming Championships in Lake Mead, Nevada this morning.

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