The Burkini Is Creating A Splash


Everyone wants to enjoy the sun, the sand, the beach,” says Aheda Zanetti, the Australian swimwear designer who created the Burkini™ (Burqini™).

This is what God has given us. Let’s enjoy it.”

The Burkini™ line and Ahiida® designs are in line with Islamic values, allowing Muslim women the choice to participate in swimming and other activities with confidence, comfort, flexibility, modesty, and functionality.

Hend Elhami, a customer, excitedly explains, “One, it protects my skin from the sun. Two, it is very lightweight so when I do go in the water, there is nothing weighing me down.”

Aheda Zanetti trademarked the brand by devising the word from a combination of bikini and burka (full body cloak worn by Muslim women).

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