Spittle In Swimming, Clearing The Vision


Athletes in every sport have certain idiosyncrasies, superstitions, and traditions. These acts of hope, faith and preparedness are conducted on bats, rackets, balls, gloves, sticks, helmets, pads, shoes, headbands, shorts, shirts, belts, hats, glasses, visors, towels, and uniforms.

But how many athletes literally spit and use their tongue to prepare?

Swimmers and triathlete do it for sure, all the time.

It is swimmers of all ages and abilities who stick their tongue in their equipment of choice – goggles – to clear them out of any residue and fog. A little spittle here, a little saliva there, and the vision by swimmers through their goggles is improved.

Some athletes use commercial de-fogging solutions, some use mild babies shampoo, other use towels, shirts and tongues.

However it works, swimmers will always revert to the tried and true method of clearing out the fog in the goggles.

Photo shows professional marathon swimmer Andrea Volpini of Italy on the shores of Cozumel getting ready for a 15 km marathon race.

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