SONY Make.Believe While Swimming


SONY launched its new waterproof MP3 player in Japan this past week as part of its Walkman W series: the SONY MP-3 NWD-W273.

Awkwardly named NWD-W273, the device is available in black, blue and white with 4GB in memory.

It has some advantages: it is 30% smaller than SONY’s previous forays into the waterproof MP-3 world and it does come with new DAP functionality that enables a Quick Charge that will give an hour of playback time after only a 3-minute worth charge or up to 8 hours of continuous play time once fully charged.

For 10,000 Yen or US$113, a fully charged NWD-W273 provides certainly enough time for most experienced marathon swimmers to get in a decent workout. Two different reviews are shown below:

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