Simone Ruffini Exudes A Quiet Confidence


Simone Ruffini won his first FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix in Isla Cozumel, Mexico this weekend. And he seemed dialed in the entire day.

His emotions seemed in check and his preparation – from greasing up to hydrating – went like clockwork.

There was a quiet confidence that Ruffini exuded before the race and it carried over to the race itself. He was always in the hunt, and never in the lead until it counted.

During the early part of the race, he continued to hydrate well and go with the flow of the leaders. When they started out by sprinting, so did he. When they pulled back the pace, so did he. When the leaders surged in different intervals, so did he. But when Ruffini decided to go for it, he bolted in the lead and sustained his sprint to victory.

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