Serpentine Swimming Club – The 1ºC Solution


Hyde Park in London stands alone among the greatest urban parks in the world.

While its city counterparts from Central Park (New York) to Park Güell (Barcelona), Wiener Prater (Vienna), Stanley Park (Vancouver), Ueno Park (Tokyo), Golden Gate Park (San Francisco), Monsanto Forest Park (Lisbon), Lumphini Park (Bangkok), Flagstaff Gardens (Melbourne), Beihai Park (Beijing), Retiro Park (Madrid) are beautifully unique, but only Hyde Park has an active open water swimming team with members who swim year-round.

Hyde Park is home to one incredibly dedicated and capable group of open water swimmers.

Even with the water temperature at 1ºC (34ºF), die-hard members of the Serpentine Swimming Club are still swimming in early March as early as 6 am with the bulk of the extraordinarily hardened swimmers training daily from 7:30 am.

Despite the water temperatures, neoprene is as welcomed as sharks.

The Serpentine Swimming Club is a fantastic group of individuals with extreme tastes framed with extreme abilities.

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