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Say Yes To Life is an American excursion swimming event management company founded by Guila Muir in the state of Washington.

Say Yes To Life is the Northwest’s premiere source of open water swimming adventures. It offers 13 swim excursions to fit the schedules and ability levels of all open water swimmers and triathletes.

Excursion swims are non-competitive open water swims that are of various lengths and range in various levels of difficulty.

Excursion swims can be done with either bioprene or neoprene. They are held in all kind of open bodies of water, from salt to fresh, and warm to cold, and are generally done in groups where camaraderie, safety and adventure are the goals as is enjoyment, challenge, and self-discovery.

Muir’s schedule of excursion swims is as follows:

1. Animals Only: 0.5-mile swim on May 26th
2. Jellyfish Dodge: 1-mile swim in Puget Sound on May 29th
3. Agua Fresca 1.2 Mile Challenge: 1.2-mile swim in Lake Washington on June 8th
4. Agua Fresca 2.4 Mile Challenge: 2.4-mile swim in Lake Washington on June 8th
5. Wednesday Evening Adventure: 1.2-mile swim in Seattle on June 26th
6. Wednesday Evening Sprint: 0.5-mile swim on July 10th
7. Circumnavigate Seward #1: 2.4-mile swim around the Horn of Seward (Bailey Peninsula) on July 11th
8. Challenge Day Expedition: 3-mile Adventure swim outside Seattle on July 27th
9. Circumnavigate Seward #2: 2.4-mile swim around the Horn of Seward (Bailey Peninsula) on TBD
10. Sprint Distance Challenge: 0.5-mile swim on August 4th
11. Lago Amado Tour: 1-mile swim on October 5th
12. Autumn at Alki: 1-mile swim on October 13th
13. Ocean Madness: 1.2-mile swim on October 19th

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