Saipan Swimming Around The Tanks


Saipan Swim Club’s 35th Annual Ocean Swim around the Tanks takes place on March 24th. The ocean swim follows a pool international meet that takes place on March 22nd – 23rd.

The ocean swim was started by SSC’s founders Jean and Bill Sakovich and includes 4 different courses so that all levels and ages may partake.

There is a 600-meter course for children and adults who want to try an ocean swim. This course goes to the closest sunken World War II tank and back.

The 1 km course is typically for the 9-10 year olds, but adults may also attempt this longer course which goes straight out to the furthest tank and back. For the older swimmers and adults there is the 1.3 km loop around both tanks or twice around for a 2.5 km swim. Swimmers may use paddles, fins, buoys and/or snorkels but must sign up for the Special Ops division.

For more information, please email saipanswimclub@gmailcom or contact Suzy Kindel at

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