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Gábor Molnár
Date: Sat, June 08, 2013 4:45 am
To: Steven Munatones
Cc: ned denison

Dear Steven,

I told you earlier about the big swim i am planning for this year- the 50km+ swim on the “Körös” river.
This monday as a tune up/warm up and logistic reherseal i will do a 20km on the same river.
I will follow English Channel rules and will make the official report again- what i will send onto you after the swim.
The finish will be the same as on the big one , we just gonna start a bit closer this time.
Starting point will be the “old” bridge of Kunszentmárton and we will finish at Csongrád as the Körös flows into the Tisza river.
Water temps at the moment are 17-18 celsius and the air is well over 25 degrees!
I will have 3 canoes and 10 as crew!
will use phone gps tracking and trying to put together some nice footage with cameras and my gopro camera.

This is not the real-deal swim for this year but i would like to have it “saved” in the archieves so I will do the formal report.
The big swim will be on the 17th of August- but I will do another pre swim “notes” about that too when times comes closer!!!!

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