River Nene Swim


The River Nene Swim will be held on August 4th at the Oundle Town Rowing Club in Barnwell, 0.5 miles Oundle Town in Northamptonshire, about 85 miles from London.

Race Director Jeremy Hunter explains, “There is very easy access into the water from a jetty. The river is wide, clear and clean with a water temperature usually around 65-68ºF.

We use a stretch of the river which is relatively straight and mark out a course that is half-a-mile long.”

The races include 1, 2 and 3 miles with all races swum concurrently as well as two separate Open Breaststroke competitions of 1 and 2 miles.

There is also a possibility of the addition of a special bonus race, if there are interested swimmers:

A 3-mile breaststroke race will also be concurrently held if there are at least 3 entrants,” proposes Hunter. If interested, email Jeremy Hunter at jlhunter@mac.com.

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